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Our new album, Clone Of The Universe, is out February 9. More info soon. We will be back on the road in 2018. Tickets go on sale December 8. See you out there!


Fu Manchu will be playing some shows on the west coast this November. Tickets on sale this Friday. Hope to see you there.


California Crossing (1st Demo) by Fu Manchu on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album California Crossing (1st Demo), including "Separate Kingdom", "Hang On", "Foot Down and Low", and many more. Buy the album for $8.91. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

Fu Manchu "California Crossing" Deluxe edition 1st demo is now up on iTunes for download. This release does include 3 never before released songs and most of the other songs have different arrangements. We have been getting a lot of people asking about a CD release for this Deluxe edition and the answer is that we can't do a CD release because we don't own the record as our old record label does. They let us do the re-issue on LP only. All of our Mammoth record releases we have no control of how they are being made available for download. They are being cool with us to just let us re-issue them on vinyl.

All orders are in the process of being sent out this week.


Just in time for summer. The 2017 - 3LP / gatefold reissue of "California Crossing".
LP 1 includes the 1st demos that we did for the record with 3 unreleased songs. This was recorded and mixed by Jim Rota / Fireball Ministry.
LP 2 includes the 2nd demos that we did for the record and these versions are a lot more raw sounding than the final release.
Matt Hyde recorded and mixed these. This LP also includes "planet of the ape hangers" that was not on the final release.
LP 3 is the final recording and has been recently remastered for a heavier sound.

We have 325 of these to sell through our fu Manchu bigcartel store.

These are also available from Cargo distribution in the UK / Europe and through Cobraside in the USA.

The "demo" recordings will be available through iTunes and July 27th for download.

Shipping is more because of the 3LP set.


"California Crossing" deluxe reissue 3LP test pressing giveaway. Go to the Fu Manchu Facebook / Instagram pages and leave your name in the comment section. We will be picking a winner to win this. It will be a 3LP set in a gatefold jacket. The reissue will be released on July 21st 2017 through Cargo distribution in Europe and through Cobraside distribution in the USA. It will be released on our own At The Dojo records. This is not the final artwork. This is done just for this test pressing.

LP 1 has the first set of demos that we recorded. This also has 3 unreleased songs and the arrangements on the other songs are different. This was recorded and mixed by Jim Rota / fireball ministry.

LP 2 was the 2nd set of demos we did for the final release and these were recorded and mixed by Matt Hyde. These are rawer versions of the final songs.

LP3 is the final release but has been remastered to make it a little heavier.

We will have copies for sale at shows and through our online store, Bigcartel. Info soon.

When ordering directly from the band you will also get a Fu Manchu keychain / bottle opener.


New Fu Manchu T shirt now available. Click here to grab one.



this is a link for the UK / European distribution for the 7" to save on overseas postage.


Fu Manchu "slow ride / future transmitter" 7" giveaway and song premier will be wed aug 10th on Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) radio show JONESY'S JUKEBOX and on 955KLOS. It will take place between 12 noon and 2 pm. They will also be giving away free tickets to our show this sat aug 13th at the viper room. So if you want a free copy of the 7" and or tickets to the show for free tune in.


Aug 13th, Fu Manchu will be playing at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. This will be a record release party / show for our new "future transmitter / slow ride" 7". We will have them for sale at the show and will post info next week on how to get one online. This will be Fu Manchu's last LA / Hollywood show of 2016. Then we play Las Vegas / Chicago / UK "king of the road" / Europe "king of the road" then maybe San Diego / Long Beach at the end of the year. New record out early 2017 then more shows.



Fu Manchu's new "slow ride / future transmitter" 7" will be out august 19th. we will have them available at the viper room show in hollywood, ca on august 13th. We will also have them for sale online through our big cartel store. 1000 made. We will have info on where to get them overseas. Thanks to David Medel for the awesome artwork / layout of the entire 7".




Fu Manchu will be playing at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, Ca on Saturday April 2nd.


First Fu Manchu show of 2016. Jan 30th, Palm Desert, Ca. Hood bar and pizza. We haven't played in palm desert since 2000. A lot more live shows plus new record for 2016.


Fu Manchu will be playing Hellfest 2016.


Fu Manchu new / old stock added to our big cartel store. These are the last of almost all the vinyl pressing of these releases. Cleaning out the fu manchu garage and we found some shirts / posters / vinyl. fumanchuband . bigcartel . com


Hello. We are sorry to announce the postponement of our upcoming Euro / UK tour. We have a serious family medical emergency that we need to be at home for. We are going to try to reschedule the tour for early 2016. We apologize to all those who bought tickets and made travel arrangements. Please read below for more.


"king of the road" 2LP gatefold reissue. Ordering info will be up here soon.


to buy the 10"

itunes download



FU MANCHU announce 1st leg of their 25th Anniversary 2015 / 2016 Tour

The band will be hitting the West Coast of the USA, Canada and 14 countries in Europe from mid June through the end of October. There will also be a special FREE Chicago show at The Double Door on July 11th.

The band will be touring without an opening act in most markets and playing a 2 set show of rarely played songs spanning their 11 Album career and an entire set of their album "King Of The Road" from start to finish for the first time. "King Of The Road" will be reissued as a double LP for the tour. More shows will be added soon.


digital - Fu Manchu 2015 "daredevil" for digital go to LP / CD


Fu Manchu will be playing 3 southern California shows where we will be doing 2 sets. One set we will be playing "king of the road" in its entirety and the other set will be ????.

Costa Mesa, Ca sat june 13th at the wayfarer
Hollywood, Ca sat aug 8th at the troubadour
San Diego, Ca sat aug 15th at the casbah
We will be posting more show info for upcoming shows in Canada, USA, Europe, Uk, Australia...


Fu Manchu 2015 "daredevil" remaster / reissue test pressing. Who wants this one? We will be giving it away to someone. This was originally released in 1995. It will be available on LP / CD. This was remastered from the original master tapes. We will have 3 reissues happening this year. This is going to be the first one released. Info soon. Available on the bands own At The Dojo Records. Again, not the final artwork just something we made in arts / crafts class.


One more Fu Manchu reissue happening for our 25 year anniversary. This is the first thing we recorded back in 1990. It was released then as a 3 song 7". We remastered it from the original master tapes and we will be adding another unreleased song from that 1990 session and release it as a 10" with download card. There will be no CD release. More details soon.


"king of the road" reissue remaster double LP out soon on At The dojo records. This is not the final artwork, its just for the test pressing. Go to the Fu Manchu Facebook page to win this thing.


Fu Manchu's 25th anniversary as a band together is this year, 2015. For the start of this year we are giving away the entire fu manchu vinyl output from 1990 - 2015 for free to someone. Every release that we have put out on vinyl is going to someone. All the records in the picture below is what you will win. We will search through old posts, emails, our fu manchu store to pick a winner or just write a quick sentence why you want these. A LOT is happening for the band this year. Up to 4 releases will be out this year with some speciality tours happening. Theres 14 - 7"s 2 - 10"s 14 - LP's
all records photographed by - Michael Foley.


"DAREDEVIL" remaster LP / CD 2015 on At The Dojo records.

"king of there road" Double LP and CD out 2015 on At The Dojo records.


upcoming show 12-20-2014 at the wayfarer


"Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows on this recent 2014 European tour. The Fu Manchu website will be fully updated in the next month with upcoming news about 3 new fu manchu reissues on vinyl that have been out of print for years and upcoming shows"

photo - DJmexi01

New Fu store now open!


New tour dates have been added to the site!


New Fu store now open!


FREE All Ages in-store by Fu Manchu at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach CA
FU MANCHU are playing a FREE in-store set at Fingerprints Records. Sunday, June 8th at 2PM.
We will be releasing "Gigantoid"on vinyl and cd on June 3rd.
The show is ALL AGES so bring the kids!


Get the new album now on bandcamp! or on itunes


Check out this new article on the upcoming Fu Manchu album Fu Manchu ready 'Gigantoid,' touring (dates, new song stream)


Fu Manchu may 2014 tour. Los Angeles / San Diego dates posted soon. Rest of the world tour dates posted soon. New Fu Manchu record "gigantoid" out in may. More info soon.


Fu Manchu 20 year anniversary of "no one rides for free" remaster / reissue gatefold LP out now. 300 on yellow vinyl and 300 on clear vinyl the rest on black vinyl. We will be selling the colored copies here. CD's out soon.

Inside the USA $13.00 plus $7.00 shipping fedex priority. email your order.
Outside the USA contact us for shipping.
paypal and contact is
Orders will start shipping out 3rd week of feb. Include order and address with payment.


Fu Manchu "no one rides for free" test pressing's have been approved and we are giving this one away to someone for free. Post your name on our Facebook page and we will pick someone to win it. 3 test pressing pressed up total. This is an official reissue of the 1994 release. We are reissuing it on our own At The Dojo records. More info soon. This is not the artwork, its just something we did for the test pressing in arts and craft time. This offer is good worldwide.


Feb 2014 we go into the studio to record our new full length record due out april / may 2014 through our own at the dojo records.

We will be reissuing "no one rides for free" due out early 2014 on gatefold LP and CD.

Our 2003 "go for" release will be reissued on double LP / CD on at the dojo records.

"start the machine" will be reissued and will hopefully get a remix / remaster and will finally be available on LP on at the dojo records.

Touring will hopefully start in the states in may 2014.

"go for" will be reissued on double LP / CD by us on at the dojo records early 2014.


Fu Manchu / MOAB split 7" for sale. We are selling the clear yellow vinyl. 200 pressed up. We have 150 for sale. 50 copies will be for sale at the upcoming San Diego show on Dec 7th.

$4.00 plus shipping through fedex which is $4.00 inside the USA. Outside the USA email for details. Contact with your name and where you live to order. We will contact you with a total. Payments through paypal. We will see if its possible to do another small pressing.


New Fu Manchu split 7". Link is below. 7"s will be available soon. we will have 100 to sell. 1000 total made.


Upcoming show!


Free Fu Manchu show, wed aug 28th at the satellite in silverlake, ca. Read flyer for details.

Fu Manchu new songs happening. A new Fu Manchu 7" out soon.


Original fu manchu artwork done by jim phillips. "king of the road" vinyl reissue next? this will be a shirt! no release date set for a reissue. new fu manchu record hopefully out by the end of the year. new site updates as well.


Fu Manchu "we must obey" 2007 dan armstrong guitar giveaway has finally been won. A guy came up to us after our show in Nashville, TN and showed us this. He bought the few remaining copies of the LP at a record store a month ago...


Go to fu manchu's Facebook page and put you name under this picture for a chance to win all the items pictured. We will announce the winner at the end of this upcoming tour.


Fu Manchu will be playing with Metallica at the orion fest in detroit june 2013.

Fu Manchu limited shirt / poster for the NYC show available for pre order. We will have the artwork minus the show info on a dark blue or black shirt for sale at all the shows on the upcoming "the action is go" 2013 USA tour. But for now......




fu skate - thanks to big mess skateboards!!!!!!!!
look for brad davis to be skating empty pools in costa mesa on one of these.


Fu Manchu "the action is go" double LP reissue on purple swirl vinyl. This is the 5th pressing and we have pressed up 75 copies to sell. We will be doing one more final pressing for the USA "the action is go" tour starting next year. If you want one contact Only 75 copies pressed up and available. LP's are $20.00. Shipping will be calculated after we get your address. Shipping is a little more since its a double gatefold record.


Fu Manchu first 3 song 7" from 1990 will be re-issued as a 10" early 2013. It will include the original 3 songs plus an extra song from the same recording session that was never released. I think there will be 500 pressed up



Fu Manchu "the action is go" re-issue double LP / gatefold remastered 180 gram vinyl for the 15 year anniversary and upcoming european tour.

Green vinyl
Red / Blue vinyl

for sale on tour only for now. if we have some when we get back, we will sell them through this site. will have some red / blue for sale. not many though.


Fu Manchu 1999 "godzilla's / eatin dust" 4th and final pressing on green vinyl gatefold LP. Out now!

We will have some for sale through the website after we get back from this upcoming euro tour and we will have them for sale at our southern california December shows. This was a small final run for this pressing. I think they will be available through soon as well.


super stoked. check out the site


Fu Manchu - starting to write for a new record. we have recorded every fu manchu record on this 4-track machine starting with the 1995 "daredevil" release. We didn't use this for the final recordings that were released, but the entire record for each release was done on this first, then we would go into a real studio. New live pictures and updated release section soon.

Fu Manchu Tour Dates

latest releases

in search of

re-issue "in search of..." vinyl.

Ca Crossing demos

"Ca Crossing demos" red vinyl LP.

eatin dust

"Godzilla's / Eatin' Dust" re-issue out now on At The Dojo records. Available on gatefold LP/ white vinyl, CD and on Itunes. New layout and pictures.

Available in 2011 -
"in search of..." LP re-issue on colored vinyl. 1000 copies will be pressed. More info soon.